JGC Philippines houses a complete team of experienced engineers with professional capabilities covering process, civil, building, mechanical, piping, instrument and electrical enabling us to provide our customers with quality turnkey solutions.


    • Basic Engineering
    • Process Design Basis
    • Process Simulation using HYSYS or ProII
    • Heat and Material Balance Calculations
    • Process Flow Diagram
    • Utility Flow Diagram
    • Hydraulic Calculations
    • Piping Process Data Sheets
    • Equipment Sizing (e.g. Vessel, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Pumps, Compressors) and Process Data Sheets
    • Instrument Process Data Sheets (e.g. Control Valves, Indicators, Gauges)
    • Process Safety Systems (e.g. Relief Loads, Pressure Safety Valve Sizing)
    • Piping and Instrument Diagram using SmartPlant P&ID, AutoCAD, Microstation
    • Other Studies (e.g. Dynamic Simulation, Surge Analysis)


    • Fire Protection
    • Fireproofing Design
    • Fire and Gas Detection System Design
    • Design Codes

Engineering HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)

    • Engineering HSE Management
    • Engineering HSE Philosophies
    • Engineering HSE Workshop
    • Engineering HSE Risk Analysis Studies Quantitative Risk Analysis


Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

    • Specification for basis of Civil and Structure Design incl. design codes and material specifications
    • Conceptual Layout for Site Development, Sewer and Drainage, Road and Paving
    • Planning and Supervision for Soil Investigation
    • Geotechnical Evaluation and Analysis
    • Conceptual Layout for Foundation, Piling or Soil Improvement
    • Conceptual Layout for Steel and Concrete Structures
    • Marine Study and Conceptual Layout
    • 2D & 3D preliminary models
    • BM/BQ Estimation

Engineering Phase

    • Site development, sewer, drainage, road and paving design
    • Concrete foundation design for equipment and structure, pit & pond, culverts
    • Structural planning and design analysis of steel and concrete structures incl. road and pipe bridges
    • Module design considering lifting, sea transport, land transport and plant operations incl. modules on Floating Production & Storage Offloading (FPSO)
    • Design integrity check and retrofitting of existing structures and foundations

Analysis & Design

    • Computer-aided Drafting
    • 3D Engineering Execution
    • Design Codes


    • Core Group and its major equipment
    • Rotary Machinery Section
    • Pump/Compressor/Fan/Blower
    • Combustion Equipment Section
    • Furnace/Boiler/Incinerator/Flare Stack/Sulfur recovery unit/Dearator
    • Static Equipment Section
    • Pressure vessel (Reactors/Columns/Drums)/Heat Exchanger/Storage Tanks
    • System Equipment Section
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Separating equipment/Mixing equipment/Weighing and Filling equipment/Conveyor/Crane/Mixer and other solid-handling equipment
    • Packaged Equipment
    • Water treatment unit/Air dryer/Air separation unit/Refrigeration, Chemical Injection, etc


Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

    • Planning and Control
    • Piping General Specification
    • Material Specifications
    • Painting and Insulation Specifications
    • Plant Layout and Plot Planning
    • Conceptual Piping Layout
    • FEED 3D Models
    • BM/BQ Estimation
    • Site Survey

Detailed Engineering Design Phase

    • Planning and Control
    • Piping General Specification
    • Piping Material Specifications
    • Plot Planning
    • Piping Layout and 3D Models
    • Pipe Support Standard
    • Piping Stress Analysis
    • 3D Database Administration and Control
    • Technical Specification, Data Sheets and Requisition
    • Piping Material Take-Off
    • Piping Plan and Isometric Drawings
    • Steam Trace Layout
    • Painting and Insulation Specifications


    • Industrial Buildings (Pre-cast, Cast-In-Place & Steel)
    • Blast Resistant Buildings
    • Modular Steel Buildings
    • Floating Production & Storage Offloading Buildings
    • Pharmaceuticals / Laboratories / Semi-conductors / Clean rooms
    • Building Retrofitting
    • Building Feasibility Study
    • Code Compliance Study Report for Existing Buildings


Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

    • Stablish Electrical Design Philosophy and Key Line Diagram
    • Conceptual Layout for Cable Routing
    • Conceptual Design for Lighting, Grounding & Lightning Protection
    • Stablish Telecommunication Design Philosophy and System
    • Block Diagrams
    • Conceptual Layout of Substation Building

Engineering Phase

    • Electrical Specifications & Datasheets
    • Electrical System Studies (Short Circuit, Load Flow, Relay Coordination, etc.)
    • Single Line Diagrams
    • Substation Equipment Design
    • Power Cabling System
    • Lighting Systems
    • Grounding & Lightning Protection
    • Telecommunication Systems
    • Cathodic Protection Systems
    • Heat Tracing Systems


Engineering Phase

    • Instrument Database Development
    • Instrument Systems Detailed Design
    • Field Instruments, Valves and Instrument Package Design (Specification and Datasheet)
    • Instrument Installation Design (Specification, Typical drawing, Layout drawings, 3D modelling)
    • Material Take-off