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It is JPHIL’s commitment to adhere strictly to rules and regulations and to have the highest ethical standards; and to fulfil social and environmental obligations to the country without reservations. JPHIL will actively support the policies and projects of society and contribute to the prosperity and progress of the entire community.




Y2019 CSR

JGC Philippines in partnership with
Operation Smile Philippines

JPHIL is on its first year of medical assistance promoting health and wellness through its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project in partnership with Operation Smile Philippines Foundation, Inc. (OSP).

As JPHIL celebrates its 30th founding year, CSR’s goal is to sponsor surgeries of 30 children who are born with cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities. With this in mind, the hope is to bring smiles to these kids and ensure a normal childhood experience free of discrimination.

25 children will be funded by the company and the other 5 by JPHIL employees through various fund-raising activities.

CSR2MOA Signing with OSP

CSR4OSP Medical Mission

CSR6 CSR7Employee Bingo Night

"... JGC, our parent company, is committed to be the leading company in Japan in terms of compliance ... we must continue to work towards the realization of this commitment. Let us also be the leading company in compliance in the Philippines ...  We will do business only with our ethics and principles firmly in place. Compliance and ethics do not hinder achievement of business goals, but rather even ensure long-term success in our field of Engineering Procurement and Construction."

 -- Antonio Cabrera, 
JGC Philippines President