Compliance Introduction

“Compliance is the basis of our business.”  This is the spirit by which the Compliance Program of JGC Philippines, Inc. is carried out.  As part of the JGC Group of Companies, JGC Philippines also adopted the JGC Group Compliance Program.  With these, JGC Philippines implements a strict anti-bribery and corruption policy, strict compliance to all laws and regulatory requirements, while seeking to maintain a nurturing environment for professional ethics and personal commitment to JGC Philippines’ compliance code of business ethics and conduct.

Compliance Policy

It is the policy of JGC Philippines to guide all Colleagues in observing the principle of shared responsibility, sustain a corporate atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, and promote a high ethical standard. JGC Philippines expects its employees, officers, directors and agents to abide with all the laws of the land and maintain utmost responsibility, integrity, honesty and trust of the society.

Compliance Office

The Compliance Program is managed by the Compliance Office directly under the Office of the President.  A Chief Compliance Officer and Division Compliance Officers are designated from among the managers of each division.  The Compliance Office works as a team to ensure fairness in the decisions of the Compliance office, and relevance of the Compliance Office activities.

The Compliance Office may be contacted for any questions, suggestions, clarifications or reports through email, call or text.

Email Hotline:  hotline.compliance@jgc.com.ph

Call/Text Hotline   :  0917-876-6000;

Trunk Line               :  02-876-6000 local 19230;

Direct Line               :  02-876-6182.

Reports to the Compliance may be made anonymously.  In all cases, anonymity will be protected as required and no retaliation shall be permitted against parties who submit good faith reports on violations of law and regulations, of the Compliance Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Code and of other company policies.