Technical HSE

Fire Protection

Active Fire Protection System Design

    • Active Fire Protection Design Basis
    • Fire Potential Equipment Identification
    • Firewater System Design (Equipment Layout, P&ID, Water Spray System, Foam Systems)
    • Equipment Sizing (Pumps, Tanks) and Data Sheets
    • Procurement of Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment (Requisition, Technical Evaluation,
    • Document Reviews)

Fireproofing Design

    • Fireproofing Design Basis
    • Fire Hazardous Zone Identification
    • Fire Hazardous Zone Maps / Layout
    • Fireproofing Detailed Design (Steel Supports, Valves, Cables, etc.)

Fire and Gas Detection System Design

    • Fire & Gas System Design Basis
    • Hazardous Equipment Identification (Flammable Gas, Toxic Gas)
    • Fire & Gas System Design (Detector Layout, Block Diagram, Cause & Effect Diagram)
    • Fire & Gas Mapping Study

Design Codes

    • International Standards (NFPA, BS, IP/EI, API)
    • Client Standards (DEP, MOBIL, BP, CHEVRON, SAES, PTS)


Engineering HSE (Health, Safety & Environment)

Engineering HSE Management

    • Engineering HSE Plan
    • Safety Critical Element and Performance Standards
    • Major Accident Hazard Register
    • Design Safety Case

Engineering HSE Philosophies

    • Safety and Loss Control Philosophy
    • Environmental Design Basis
    • Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Philosophy

Engineering HSE Workshop

    • HAZOP
    • SIL / LOPA / IPF Classification
    • Human Factor Engineering Assessment

Engineering HSE Risk Analysis Studies

Quantitative Risk Analysis

    • Fire and Explosion Risk Analysis
    • Smoke and Gas Dispersion Analysis
    • Emergency System Survivability Analysis
    • Escape, Evacuation and Rescue Analysis


    • Hazardous Area Classification
    • Escape Route, Muster Point, Safety Sign and Safety Shower Layout
    • Dispersion Analysis
    • Radiation Contour
    • Environmental Impact Assessment