A diverse group of experienced engineers wholly in charge of design engineering and handling various mechanical equipment for the Industrial Sector (Oil & Gas, Petroleum and Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical etc.). Mechanical department has four (4) core groups/ sections offering technical competencies and experience to cater specific mechanical equipment.

    • Core Group and its major equipment
    • Rotary Machinery Section
    • Pump/Compressor/Fan/Blower
    • Combustion Equipment Section
    • Furnace/Boiler/Incinerator/Flare Stack/Sulfur recovery unit/Dearator
    • Static Equipment Section
    • Pressure vessel (Reactors/Columns/Drums)/Heat Exchanger/Storage Tanks
    • System Equipment Section
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Separating equipment/Mixing equipment/Weighing and Filling equipment/Conveyor/Crane/Mixer and other solid-handling equipment
    • Packaged Equipment
    • Water treatment unit/Air dryer/Air separation unit/Refrigeration, Chemical Injection, etc

Each core group ensures quality design and expected performance of mechanical equipment from its conceptual design through detailed engineering, procurement and fabrication, construction, field engineering up to mechanical completion; in some cases where required by Client including commissioning of the equipment.