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JGC Philippines offers a high degree of flexibility on a wide range of services to suit Clients’ requirements. These services are both effective and cost-efficient. We always give the best services to our Client and ensure long-term working relationships.

Professional Services



Feasibility study is the first vital step in any project. This involves determining the size and scope of the plant, choosing the process, technology, location planning, production schedule, etc., from both technical and economic points of view

JGC Philippines conducts marketing studies and pre-investment studies. After completing a thorough study, we will recommend a plant that best suits the needs and objectives of the project.


Strategic Planning, Purchasing and Contracts Activities, Expediting, Inspection and Logistics

JGC Philippines don’t just simply purchase, it delivers! JGC Philippines has an established Procurement management system to ensure that all required materials for our projects conform to quality standards, delivered safely and timely and within the budget. We have dedicated Procurement specialists in every phase of the Procurement process from Purchasing, Expediting, Inspection and Logistics management. Our basic Procurement strategy is to capitalize on the world wide procurement network of JGC Group in addition to our accredited local vendors to meet the project objectives and satisfy the requirements of our clients


JGC Philippines executes total project management in all project phases, from engineering, procurement, construction, to operation and maintenance. The project team is led by a competent project manager supported by technically capable engineers and staff from each discipline. All projects members are fully committed to the successful project execution with due consideration to schedule, cost, quality and safety. With advanced engineering technologies and a distinctive project management system, JGC Philippines delivers a plant that fully meets the Client’s requirements.


Construction Supervision and Management, Safety Control, Quality Control, Material Control, Subcontracting, Field Engineering, Testing and Commissioning

JGC Philippines has the experience and expertise to carry out high quality construction solutions at the shortest schedule and minimum cost while adhering to the standards of safety and loss prevention in accordance with the with the requirement of Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Customer’s Safety Rules and Regulations. We also have our own commissioning engineers who can check, assist and conduct test runs to ensure flawless start-up.

JGC Philippines selects only the best and competitive local subcontractors that can comply with International Construction safety and quality standards, thereby maximizing local manpower familiarity with local construction practices. JGC Philippines establishes close cooperation with these subcontractors and manage and control them efficiently in accordance with project objectives.


Basic engineering and Detailed engineering are the two phases of Design Engineering. Basic Engineering covers the preparation of basic design data, process data sheets and preliminary plot plan among others. While Detailed Engineering encompasses structural design, detailed plant layout, detailed design for civil, pressure vessels, solid handling equipment, rotating equipment, pipingm electrical and instrumentation works.

JGC Philippines uses the latest technology in 3-D design such as PDS, PDMS and SP3D.


Maintenance Program Planing, CMMS, Implementation, Turnaround and Shutdown, Warehouse Management, Spare Parts Sourcing and Handling

JGC Philippines, Inc. is the only EPC company that offers Facilities Maintenance services. JGC Philippines helps clients resolve various problems of plant operation by providing the best solutions and measures to maximize profits with minimal investment. Facility Maintenance service is backed by proven engineering technology and extensive maintenance support experience that can lead to improvements in various areas of plant operation. Best-suited personnel are assigned to provide advice. implementation on sound and optimal plant operations, based on the client’s needs.