Celebrating our 31st Founding Anniversary
amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic


My Dear Colleagues,

This day in 1989, JGC Philippines was born and our reason for being then clearly defined: “to be a reliable and efficient Global Engineering Center for JGC Yokohama”. But like any other successful and progressive company, JPHIL continued to transform itself and sought opportunities for growth beyond that seemingly limited mandate. And so five years ago JPHIL boldly redefined its new vision: “we shall be a global EPC company like no other in designing, building and delivering technologically advanced plants and facilities that are of exceptional value to customers”. We began to execute local EPC projects for various industries: power and energy, chemicals, non-errous metals, petrochemicals, lube oil blending, etc. In the process, we gained the much-needed site experience that bolstered our EPC capacities spanning the whole EPC cycle and operation and prepared us for larger overseas EPC contracts. Meantime, a novel concept of designing and executing mega projects – “One JGC” Concept had taken root and formally adopted and implemented by both JGC and JPHIL as a tool to expand Group EPC capacity, resulting in the creation of a design and execution power house consisting of the combined talents of both JGC and JPHIL that is considered competitive and highly competent. The exciting part for JPHIL is the clear and distinct opportunity for our Filipino talents to take on global leading roles in global EPC projects. Silently, the first batch of 22 graduates from the MBA-type program on Leadership and Management Development Program (LMDP) conducted in house by Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business presented their group’s Integrative Project summary as a defense of their Group Thesis or Project Study. These graduates, Managers/Leaders coming from EN, PJO, CAD, MSD and O&M gained broader perspectives in looking at business situation allowing them to apply core management and functional and integrative skills in analyzing all attendant issues and with a view to factor in future and strategic considerations. They are better prepared for future roles.

We were right there, in the midst of an exciting journey for growth and innovation, when the Coronavirus Pandemic stroke and reset our plans and dreams. Yes, we can accept that plans and dreams were reset, but we cannot accept they are completely erased. We are determined to come back and come back stronger. And so the last six months have been very painful and the adverse effects of this pandemic on our operations this year 2020, tremendous: current projects getting delayed or terminated, and more costly, new and prospective projects postponed or cancelled – for example our esteemed client Pilipinas Shell deciding to finally cease local refining operations and to convert the refinery facility into an import terminal. All these have the effect of reduced business volume, higher costs and possibly resulting in a loss for JPHIL for 2020. On top, there is still the main issue that nobody knows when this crisis will end, giving rise to the uncertainties and even more adverse impact in the coming year 2021. In our daily Excom meeting over the same six months, we looked, dissected and improved our response to the COVID 19 pandemic and devised ways and means on how to keep our premises and processes ever safe for all. We implemented measures beyond the rules of government. We did contact tracing ourselves and required isolation, allowed swab tests where needed to avoid local transmission. And so far, no local company transmission has ever been observed. And let me acknowledge and thank the COVID 19 Prevention Task Force for their dedication and effective work in keeping us all safe. We studied and prepared well the work arrangements that allowed flexible switching as differing quarantine modes were pronounced by government – with least disturbance and short turnaround time. New laptops and improved internet connectivity allowed WFH at different work ratios sufficiently productive. We thank all our staff for your dedication and support in keeping our productivity at acceptable levels despite the difficulties you were encountering, not to mention the anxiety that we all have to endure during this crisis. And so we ask you during this crisis period when we ironically are also celebrating our 31st year of founding, to try to conserve what we have and be more productive and efficient with the remaining jobs in designing and execution. Please try to work smart so that no time or money is wasted. Try to complete all pending work or close all punches at site as quickly as possible and always having in mind still the welcoming smile of our valued client when we hand over the completed work. All these would be your contribution to the welfare and survival of your company in crucial times like this. And hopefully, the salary increase that the company could afford this year will allow you to absorb the inflation impact on your family expenses. We hope that the finances of the company for the rest of the year will allow us to keep a good portion of our performance bonuses.

Finally, let me just tell you that the JGC Vision 2040 has been developed and recently released by our Global Leaders in Japan. It speaks of how JGC as a Group would look like in 20 years’ time from now, which markets we will pursue and concentrate on and how it intends to grow even more in the light of both the challenges and opportunities of said markets given our time honored core competencies and unique competitiveness. It is indeed exciting. So we march on, we will prevail over this crisis – together, ever resilient.

Thank you so much.

Antonio P. Cabrera
JGC Philippines, Inc.