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JGC Philippines procures a wide range of equipment, materials, and services from reliable vendors in accordance with the safety and quality standards, within the schedule, and at a competitive cost.

Our Purchasers select the best vendors from an extensive database on a global basis and carefully consider quality, delivery, and total cost. Manufacturing and inspection management is being carried out by our Expediters from design, material sub-ordering, fabrication, up to final inspection. Our Logistics Coordinators perform transportation planning, shipping arrangement, customs clearance including processing of duty and tax exemption whenever applicable, and delivery to the project site. The assigned Project Procurement Manager (PPM) to each project manages and controls this series of procurement services. 

JGC Philippines offers high quality procurement services that can fully meet the project requirements.  

Procurement global support offices

What We Procure

A list of categories of equipment, materials, and services JGC Philippines procures.

JPHIL Vendor Management System (JVMS)

JVMS is an online platform for vendor interface and management solution where vendors can:
* register as a potential vendor
* submit an accreditation application
* maintain all vendor-related information and documents