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JGC Philippines, Inc (JPHIL) procures a wide range of equipment and materials for its projects, from vendors  around the world. We endeavor to supply and deliver these safely, on time, with acceptable quality using the following resources.

  • Over 15,000 JGC accredited vendors and service providers
  • Highly capable and experienced staff of Purchasers, Expediters, and Logistics Coordinators , mostly engineers
  • A Procurement Team organized and dedicated for each project
  • JGC’s JPlus (e-Procurement Solution System)
  • Quality system
  • JGC’s Worldwide Procurement Network (JGC Group Companies)

With every project requirement and specification in mind, our purchasers in cooperation with our requesting discipline engineers thoroughly evaluate vendors’ offer.  Orders are awarded to the most technically and commercially acceptable vendors. Timely delivery, being a major factor in the success of our EPC projects, is ensured by our expediters who monitor progress of every major milestone activity of our vendors from design, material sub-ordering, fabrication until final inspection. Shop expediting is conducted by our expediters or thru the support of our JGC Group Companies, for critical equipment and materials. We collaborate with vendors in anticipating and resolving potential causes of delays. Planning and delivery of the cargoes from various origins to destination is managed by logistics. Execution is strategized and tailor-fitted per project especially for heavy, sensitive and out-of-gauge equipment. If required, we organize route surveys and attend on loading and unloading supervision to ensure the safest handling of the consignment. JPHIL is equipped with an efficient and systematic way in doing the selection process. JPHIL uses a web-based inquiry site called JPlus (JGC e-Procurement Solution System) which was developed by JGC Corporation. In this website, Vendors can download or upload documents specific for the project avoiding congested file attachments in E-Mails. Additionally, this system creates specific E-Mail addresses where concerned persons can only have access, thus, securing confidential information. Further, JPHIL has created the Local Engineering Procurement System (LEPS) – a web-based site where lists of approved/accredited Vendors can be seen. This site helps JPHIL’s Procurement Engineers in their selection of Vendors to inquire with and corresponding evaluation as history with past projects are detailed here. With such advance facilities, JPHIL can offer high-quality procurement services that can fully meet the project’s requirement.

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