JGC Philippines believes that learning is a continuous process in developing the capability of employees. We provide them with continuous training to be able to harness their full potential and become valuable asset in the organization.

Employees are trained with the latest engineering tools and are given exposures to local projects in the Philippines and  international projects in various regions such as the  Middle East, Europe, North and South America, Central and East Asia and the Asia Pacific.

As an employee progresses in his/her career, training continues to play a vital role in an employee's professional and personal development.

Company Training Programs

Cadetship Training Programs

The Cadetship Program is for new engineering graduates with no work experience. It is designed to build the technical and behavioral foundation for engineers’ professional careers. The training program aims to develop the technical skills and capabilities which will be needed in the real world of Engineering-Procurement-Construction or EPC business.

STAFF Training Program

Staff Training Program helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles, those occupying supervisory functions or those being prepared to assume such role (e.g., Problem Solving and Leadership).

MANAGEMENT Training Program

Management Training Program focuses on the development of leadership and management skills and competencies of Managers.

Corporate Systems Awareness Program

Corporate Systems Awareness Program is regularly conducted for continuous awareness on company management systems such as QMS (Quality Management System), EMS (Environmental Management System),  ISMS (Information Security Management System), Health and Safety, and Compliance.

Technical Training Program

Technical Training Program is for the acceleration of the technical knowledge and skills of JPHIL engineers in design engineering and EPC projects.

Department Specific Program

Department Training Program provides learning opportunities which are specific to the department’s developmental needs.

Our company promotes programs that will help its employees to maintain wellness, fitness and work life balance. We are also committed to promote good environment and harmonious relationship to all employees.

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